Housing Disrepair 

Millions of people in the UK rent their homes, but many are unaware of their rights as tenants. According to reports, an astounding 97% of us are unaware of our rights as renters, which is especially problematic for those who require repairs to the property.

If your landlord refuses, it can be very upsetting, and we understand that safe living conditions are the bare minimum that anyone should expect. If your landlord refuses to repair your home, you may be entitled to redeem housing disrepair compensation in Winchester and a court order compelling them.

If you believe in a housing disrepair claim, please contact our expert panel of housing solicitors in Winchester immediately to see if we can assist you. Our panel’s initial consultation is free and works on a No Win, No Fee basis. We resolve every case with the guarantee of No Win No Fee so you don’t have to worry about money if your claim is unsuccessful. Call us to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer from Winchester No Win No Fee Solicitor Winchester No Win No Fee Solicitor and receive a free initial consultation to go over your potential claim.

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